Here are some freelancers and small businesses I have enjoyed working with in the past few years.

I always love working with small structures, mostly because it gives me a lot of freedom, and I get to handle everything myself and find ideas and solutions for every situation. 

The results are not meant to be impressive and may seem simple compared to big clients’ projects, but I do believe these projects are still just as important.


I helped this garden-themed traveling company in establishing its new visual identity. After redesigning the logo and defining a graphic charter, I put together the website and several communication materials.

Maxime is an independent French sommelier who organizes wine tastings at home for both businesses and individuals.

I created his logo and graphic identity, and then we arranged a studio session to capture professional photos.
Additionally, I set up a simple and effective website to enhance his client outreach.

I worked for hundreds of similar clients of all kind, contact me if you need to see more specific projects.